May 9th, 2024

What Did the Website Guy Just Say?

There are many times where your website must describe your services in a specific way in order to properly reflect all the Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations for an Assisted Living Facility, no matter if it is an A license or a B license.

Your website person will probably have no experience with Assisted Living regulations, so you as the owner of the website must be specifically careful about how your website it put together.

When you start talking to your website designer, you will find the internet language is completely different from standard English.  Often, you will find that the internet person is unable to even discuss your website without throwing in anachronisms and industry terms that you won’t understand.  And they won’t be able to describe the terms to you because they live and breathe these industry shortcuts.

During this meeting we are going to discuss the important terms that you must know in order to ensure your website follows the HHS regulations, including the ombudsman statement required on each and every website.

If you have been dealing with a website designer that has used a term you don’t understand, bring it to the meeting and we will unravel the definition of that term.

With this information, you can save yourself a LOT of money because you won’t either 1) get a fine from HHS or 2) have to re-do your website at a future date when you discover your programming doesn’t follow the rules.

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