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SEO Success Secrets: Insider Tips for SEO Success

Tips for SEO Success


As the vast and competitive digital landscape in Houston evolves, the demand for effective SEO strategies has never been higher.

Businesses face unique challenges from competition, both local and nationally.  Online, the SEO challenges range from changes in search engine algorithms to keeping up with product branding and buyer habits.

In this blog, we delve into the success secrets of one SEO agency in the Houston area:  Silver Moon Agency.   We are going to discuss the tips and tactics that help set their clients apart in competitive marketplaces.

Silver Moon Agency works almost exclusively with small businesses.  This niche marketplace has a high demand for successful competition as well as very tight marketing budgets.  Silver Moon has success in finding that “sweet spot” where their clients’ marketing efforts bring in leads that don’t cost them $85.00 per click (like one new client was paying) !!

Silver Moon understands that small businesses do not have the financial depth to experiment.  Small businesses need two things:  a consultant that knows more than the company owner knows about marketing, and a marketing partner that will stand with the small business with regard to results.

Sure, there are certain foundational issues that have to be resolved with every client.  Those issues are quick, down, and easy to do.  Every marketing agency out there will say they will solve these issues.

But HOW the issues are solved can be very very different.  That takes marketing skill and intense attention to detail.

Silver Moon has the expertise and staff to correct the errors that others have made, and this is with very little outlay of cash.

Here’s how we do it.


Understanding the Texas SEO Landscape

Texas boasts a diverse and dynamic business environment, and this makes SEO a critical component of online success.  However, businesses often encounter challenges specific to the state’s expansive market.

These are some of the functions programmed with SEO.

  1. The Foundation: Local SEO Mastery

“Local SEO” is actually pretty easy to get started.  Do not confuse this with the full “SEO” process, which is technically very complicated and can be expensive.  This topic is discussed further in this article.

Houston’s diverse business ecosystem calls for a nuanced approach to SEO.  One size absolutely does not fit all.  What is effective for a printing company does not at all work for a roofing contractor.  One cookie-cutter marketing approach is not effective for the different marketplaces and the end-user customers.

It takes long-term experience in marketing in general AS WELL AS in-depth experience in the murky world of digital marketing to create an effective online marketing campaign.  Also, a company’s online marketing campaign should integrate seamlessly with any other marketing campaign the business is utilizing.  It is ineffective for a business to hire multiple marketing agencies to do bits and pieces of marketing – what the business will end up with is a hodge-podge of marketing materials that does not “brand” the business.

  1. Keyword Research Excellence: Silver Moon Agency’s SEO Cornerstone

Keywords lay the groundwork for successful SEO campaigns.

Sounds so easy – just put a topic into ChatGPT and out pops keywords.  Looking in from the outside, it seems as if everyone can do it in a heartbeat.

Hold on, hoss fly – that’s a neophyte’s view of the digital world.

It takes real skill, experience, and sometimes innovative thinking to ferret out the keywords for each type of business – sometimes HOURS of research.  A business is just wasting their money if the wrong keywords are used.

And the keywords have to be able to be gracefully installed into the content of the marketing material, whether that is a website or an introductory tri-fold brochure.

Silver Moon Agency has staff whose minds go beyond just the generic down-and-dirty keyword production.  Our approach ensures content relevance, which improves the chances of ranking higher in search engine result pages (when you search for “roofer near me,” does your company pop up on the first search page?)

  1. Strategic Content Creation: Tailored for SEO Success

Creating compelling and SEO-friendly content (wording, paragraphs, marketing material) is an art all on its own.

Many times, it’s not WHAT is written, it’s also HOW it’s written.

For instance, a website for a plumber or an electrician is vastly different from that of an assisted living facility.

The plumbing website is “all about the facts, Ma’am.”  The water heater costs $XXX and the broken pipe will take XXX number of hours at XXX rate.  The electrician’s website is all about how long it will take to replace that light fixture, and the fixture costs $XXX.

BUT . . . .

An assisted living facility is about housing your MOM or DAD for their later years.  Here, the website has to evoke an emotion – will my mom be safe?  Will my dad like the food?  Will the caregivers treat my brother with respect?

These two examples of copy are vastly different, and it takes a marketing expert to know how to present the content.

Many content writers have copy they literally COPY over and over again, very rarely custom writing their clients’ marketing materials.  Shocked?  I was too, until I discovered I could almost predict who had written the materials because I had seen those words before, presented in almost exactly the same way, either on the screen or on paper.

What is true is every business has its own corporate environment, no two businesses are the same.  That’s why some people thrive in a particular firm, and other people don’t get along so well at Firm 1 but do wonderfully at Firm 2.  It’s the difference in environment that people look for to suit their own personalities and character.

Marketing materials must reflect the client’s corporate culture.  How that happens is the content is custom written to convey what that special spice is that makes that business tick.

That’s the secret of writing good copy.

  1. On-Page Optimization: Fine-Tuning for Performance

What in the world does that mean?  Are we speaking English here?  Spanish? Swahili?

What this means is the copy has to be organized so the SEO technicians can use the on-page elements to grab when a prospective client puts something into a search engine.  This includes such mysterious things as meta tags, headers, and image alt attributes (we digital people know what these mean).

The company you hire for your SEO work must ensure that each webpage is a well-optimized entity all on its own, contributing to overall site authority and search engine visibility.

Believe me, this is a trick, and it takes a lot of planning, re-writing, and research.

  1. Link Building Strategies: The Houston Approach

One of the requirements for effective SEO is something called backlinks.

You as the user will probably never recognize these backlinks.  You may never see them.  But they are there.  There are “good” backlinks and there are “bad” backlinks, and the definition of “good” and “bad” is sort of a moving target.

These links are installed in the nether regions of your website, and it enables your website to “talk” to another website.

Search engines evaluate the backlinks, give the website points for “good” links, and punish the website for “bad” links.

And the more the merrier.

However, quality over quantity is the mantra for link building in Silver Moon’s landscape. We focus on building high-quality, authoritative backlinks. They engage in ethical link-building practices, leveraging local partnerships and industry collaborations to enhance the website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

We make the search engines happy.

  1. Technical SEO Prowess: The Technical Edge

A well-optimized website is the backbone of Technical SEO.  Without the organization of the website and other marketing tools, SEO will never work.

Silver Moon Agency has a team of technical experts in areas like website speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, and schema markup implementation. A technically sound website not only makes the website flow so people will actually STAY AND READ the website, but it also earns favor with search engine algorithms.  In other words, the search engines will be able to categorize and index your website and in turn will use your website more in searches.


This blog touches on just the top layer of SEO management.  There are about 150 other technological functions that go into SEO, and all of this programming is behind-the-scenes work.

SEO technicians are highly specialized and good ones are a really rare breed.  If any step in the SEO process is missed, or if the process is prepared incorrectly, the SEO will not create positive results for the business owner.

There is an old joke:  What do you call the guy who graduated last in his medical class?  You call him “Doctor.”  It’s the same with SEO technicians.  They all look alike, and they all use the same buzz words.

And SEO is NOT a cheap or quick process – it takes months and months to begin to work.  A business owner must commit to a year or more in time and to a sizeable marketing budget.

Business owners – especially small business owners – must find a digital marketing company that is both skilled and trustworthy.  That is not necessarily the biggest firm out on the net, and it’s certainly not the firms that have the biggest marketing budget themselves.

Take the time to talk to several companies.  Listen to what they tell you about their process.  Talk to their references and ask pointed questions and get specific answers.

And be patient.  Eventually, if SEO is programmed right, this process will provide consistent and significant leads for your business.

And call Silver Moon Agency for help.  We have the experience and the patience to walk you through the intricacies of this ever-shifting digital landscape.

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